Pilates for women with breast cancer
post-operative recovery movement program for breast cancer

The Pink Towel Program, a study to determine the effectiveness of the Fletcher Towel® exercises on improving strength and range of motion in breast cancer patients has evolved into a regularly scheduled program at evey.body Pilates.

Breast cancer patients are welcome to participate and learn how the Fletcher Percussive breath coupled with the braided towel can improve their upper body mobility often negatively affected by treatment.

Initially conducted in the spring of 2017 this 4 week, twice a week, 30-minute exercise program utilizing the Fletcher Towel attracted 20 participants in it’s first trial. Since then our goal is to offer eight to ten patients the opportunity to meet at every•body Pilates at designated times throughout the year to participate in the exercises. Kathryn Marr, DPT, will do pre and post testing. Lisa Priebe, PMA-CPT, will be teaching the exercise sessions.

The best part is there is no cost to the participants.

It is our objective to partner with the Berks County Breast Cancer Support Services, area hospitals and physicians to reach qualified candidates to participate in the Pink Towel Program. Additional resources are being sought to underwrite the cost of the towels. We would like the participants to be able to take the towels along at the conclusion of the program for their continued at home use.

Contact us to learn more about our Pink Towel Program and how you can get involved.