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Pilates is based on a series of precise movements designed to build strength, flexibility and balance. At every•body Pilates we uphold the integrity of Joseph Pilates' original work as it was further developed by Ron Fletcher, one of Joe and Clara Pilates' proteges.

Our instructors come from varied backgrounds of experience and education, but all have been trained under the Fletcher Pilates® lineage. In addition, we are very proud that every•body Pilates has now become a Fletcher Pilates teacher training center as well as an active, vibrant studio in West Reading, PA.

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Pilates Fundamentals 101 Program

If you are new to Pilates, we recommend you start with private instruction to prepare you for class and provide you a good grounding in the principles of the work. Our Fundamental 101 Package consists of 3 private sessions that will give you a great start to your Pilates experience. Get details about our Fundamental 101 Program here.
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