Starting any new movement experience can be difficult, we admit, but at every•body Pilates we do all we can to eliminate any hesitancy.

With a simple conversation with one of our teachers, we will get you on the right path to the best start. We will take into consideration your physical needs and goals as well as your budgetary constraints.

Getting Started with Pilates

A Step by Step Introduction to Pilates

If you are new to Pilates then a great way to get started is with our Fletcher Pilates ® Fundamentals 101 Program. It includes 3 Private sessions with one of our instructors to learn all the basics of the Fletcher Pilates® work and how they are applied to the Mat, Towel, Reformer and Tower systems.

Each of the three sessions includes private one-on-one instructions with a teacher to guide you through the foundational pieces of movement on each piece of Pilates equipment.

We will discuss with your movement and fitness goals with you and help you get on track to meeting them. Whether you decide to continue private one-on-one sessions or enjoy a small semi-private group class, our teachers will help you achieve your goals.

Adnative Pilates

Adaptive Pilates

We strive to offer all individuals, regardless of their movement capabilities, the opportunity to experience Pilates and all it can offer. Our knowledgable and experienced staff meets each person with their unique strengths and challenges and teaches them how to leverage those strengths.

Starting a Physical Therapy Program

Physical Therapy involves performing a comprehensive evaluation looking at strength, range of motion, posture, specific tests relating to your injury, the mechanism of injury and your personal medical history. Using this information we create a personalized rehabilitation program incorporating Pilates, manual techniques, and strengthening exercises to achieve your goals.