Men's Program


Men and the Mat

This traditional mat class is geared for the male body type. Tight hips, back and hamstrings are addressed and accomodated in this class. Get a great workout on the mat without feeling challanged by inflexibility. A great rigorous workout without the fluff. Bend, stretch and move like never before. All male students and teacher. Our own Jim Samanen has been specially trained for this population and brings his own experiences to the Men and the Mat class.

Men’s Equipment Classes

These equipment classes are specifically designed for men’s bodies. The class will incorporate movements that challenge your core, help with tight muscle groups, and build strength, flexibility, and stamina. The equipment classes are taught by skilled pilates instructors certified in teaching pilates equipment classes.

Private Pilates Sessions

Sometimes Private Pilates 1 On 1 sessions are a great way to focus on your individual needs and goals. Your instructor will create an individualized program designed to benefit and challenge the male body type. For the greatest results we recommend sessions on a weekly basis either once or twice per week in addition to a mat or tower class.

Coed Studio Pilates Classes

Men are also welcome in our regular studio mat and equipment classes which are co-ed.

Upcoming Men Classes

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Men on the Mat Instructor

Jim Samanen

Jim’s interest in teaching Pilates is about regaining or increasing the ability to move by building strength with flexibility. There is a certain pleasure in throwing one’s body into an activity – getting the body to respond to rhythm, to race down a ski slope, to edge out an opponent at the finish line, to stretch for the return shot in tennis. It comes naturally in youth, but gets more difficult as adults focus on desk jobs and watching young people do the things they used to do. He had lettered in track in both high school and college. Jim used to ski the moguls, jog, play tennis and racquet ball and do aerobics. Bad knees, tight calves and hamstrings eventually brought an end to all of these activities. He was getting out of shape and not happy about it. And then he started doing Pilates in 2002 with Rachel Nace, and has worked with Lisa Priebe since 2009. He has also trained with Ron Fletcher and Pat Guyton. He’s now stronger at 65 than he was ten or even twenty years ago and considerably more flexible. Jim is licensed in Fletcher Towelwork® and Pilates Matwork. He presently teaches Men’s Pilates at the studio.