Physical Therapy involves performing a comprehensive evaluation looking at strength, range of motion, posture, specific tests relating to your injury, the mechanism of injury and your personal medical history. Using this information we create a personalized rehabilitation program incorporating Pilates, manual techniques, and strengthening exercises to achieve your goals.

We look to prevent re-injury through individually tailored physical therapy treatment approaches with a strong emphasis on patient education and body awareness. Physical Therapy services at every•body Pilates include: one on one manual therapy techniques, joint mobilization, body mechanics training, myofascial release, strain- counterstrain, soft tissue manipulation, neuromuscular re-education, and injury prevention.

Physical Therapy Payment Policies

Our Physical Therapy services are cash based, We will provide you with your diagnostic codes and billing codes necessary for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement of your Physical Therapy session fees.

Get Started

An initial evaluation is required for all clients beginning a Physical Therapy Program. The session will include a comprehensive evaluation and recommendations for a personalized rehabilitation program.

Kathryn Marr

Kathryn Marr, PT, DPT completed her Bachelors degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Scranton in 1993, and her DPT from Arcadia University in 2016.She completed her Rehab based Pilates training in 2002 from Balanced Body in Santa Cruz California.At that time, she worked in a physical therapy center in which Pilates was the primary tool used for rehabilitation of injuries.

For her, it was a refreshing way to look atrehabilitating the whole body, not “just an isolated shoulder or knee”issue.Pilates also provided a different way to look at alignment and how it affected injuries and the body.

She has worked in a variety of Physical therapy settings, but has specialized in outpatient orthopedics for the majority of her career.

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